Plum Creek Publishing is proud to feature three local Lockhart, Texas authors:

janet bio pic Plum Creek


Janet Christian began her adventure in writing, with a construction paper book of fanciful stories about cats, when she was in second grade. She later became a professional technical writer, creating complex but boring computer manuals.

To escape the drudgery of describing hardware circuits and software routines, she returned to fiction. She served as 2003 President of the Heart of Texas Sisters in Crime in Austin, and became a published author in 2012.

Janet lives with Eric Marsh, her husband and best friend since 1989, on a 100 acre ranch in Lockhart, TX – 30 miles south of Austin. They have four goofy dogs, an ever-changing population of cats (usually around ten… or so), and enough sheep to keep the herding dogs entertained.

When she isn’t writing, Janet creates pottery art pieces and custom cocktails in her combination pottery studio and tiki bar.


Tam Francis Vintage Autho


Tam Francis is usually the girl in the jitterbug dress, writing vintage romantic short stories and novels with a cocktail in one hand and a pen in the other. But she can also be found writing weird Sci-fi, fantasy, and random poetry, experimenting with various forms.

Editor-in-chief for two indie magazines: From the Ashes and Swivel: Vintage Living, Tam  has also been a poet (two-time, National Poetry Slam Team, Scottsdale Center for the Arts Featured Poet, New Times Feature Poet, Visual Voices Featured Writer) and short story writer. Published in The Lucid Stone, Red Dog Journal, Spoken Word from Lalapalooza, and other small press magazines.
Blogger and novelist, her blog posts reflect her writer’s journey and vintage lifestyle. Look for Ghostoria: Vintage Romantic Tales of Fright in ebook and paperback. She now lives in a 1908 home in Lockhart, Texas, which may or may not be haunted.


Philip McBride


Philip McBride is a retired teacher and high school principal, an avid reader of military historical fiction, and  a compulsive writer. He lives with his wife Juanita and yellow dog Dixie in Lockhart, Texas, a small town not too far from the Alamo.

Since 1999, McBride has been a regular contributor to the Camp Chase Gazette and the Civil War Courier. McBride is a researcher who values the work of historians who have chronicled the great battles of the Civil War. He relies on primary source diaries and memoirs of real Civil War soldiers to capture their views of soldiering in the 1860’s..

McBride has walked the ground of all the great Civil War battles described in his first novel, Whittled Away. McBride is currently writing the last of his John and Levi trilogy, set in Virginia in 1862.